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Tooling Solutions

Start using your machine at its fullest potential! Bryan Machine offers CNC Machine controlled High Speed Spindles, also known as Spindle Speeders, and Turbine Spindles. Turn on & off with a command in your program. Along with our machine controlled auto coupler, this Spindle can be used like any other tool in your tool changer. You can use your CNC machine for engraving, jig grinding, profile grinding, & graphite machining. There are many mounting solutions available for our Turbine Spindles like Cat 40, Cat 50. BT Taper Straight Shank custom mounting also available even multiple head mounting.

Bryan Machine’s VRT High Speed Spindles have a regulated variable speed from 15,000 to 40,000 rpm. They have low noise and low air consumption (.5 hp at 20,000 rpm). There are no gears, veins, or heat; just low maintenance and high-speed power. Bryan Machine’s VRT Turbine Spindle is only (5.900 inches) from CAT 40 Gage line to the end of the Nut. The closer to the machine spindle the more ridged is the tool making it more compatible for the limited z travel of many of the smaller VMC’s. The Auto Air coupler allows the tool to be changed without operator assistance when not in use both sides of the coupler are closed to block debris from interring the VRT.

If you’re looking for or thinking of buying a machine with a high speed spindle then you know the extra cost for that option. In most cases that then limits the tork of the spindle for larger tools then you’re forced to move parts from one machine to the other but with the VRT you can simply move the spindle to the machine and rewiring it. This eliminates the expensive high-speed machines that don’t have the torque for low-speed work. You can now have both. When interfaced with your control, these spindles can be used like any other tool in your tool changer, completely unattended and with our VRT spindles you don’t even have to buy one for each speed that you need to run. One will handle a range of 15,000 to 40,000.

Also available are in-house design services for specialized tooling and contract engineering services to add value to customer support capabilities. Bryan Machine can ensure the fastest and most cost-effective solutions to meet your time-lines and budgets.

Bryan Machine has over 30 years of experience specializing in engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance. This team of experts is committed to delivering the highest quality products and superior personal attention to every customer. No matter what your needs may be; Bryan Machine is uniquely positioned to provide cost-effective products, superior quality and proven results.