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Jig grinding in a CNC machining center with a VRT high speed spindle at 35,000 rpm 5mm borazon carbide shank wheel

Bryan Machine’s VRT High Speed Spindle is a great tool to have in your shop. When you are Jig grinding in a CNC machining center with a VRT high speed spindle at 35,000 rpm 5mm using a borazon carbide shank wheel there are many benefits. A part can be completed in one machine using the machines interpolation feature and the hole size can be adjusted just like you would a tool offset.

Bryan’s VRT high Speed Spindle is also perfect for small shops that don’t have a jig grinder in house because the CNC machine you already have can do the precise hole grinding; and, do it much faster than a manual jig grinding and will be holding close tolerances as good as your machine. Also, Bryan’s spindles have only .0002 TIR run out due to a unique manufacturing process; they have also modified the 11 ER collet nuts which give up to 10 percent increase in accuracy.

Great Cost Saving…

There is a great cost savings with our spindles verses the cost of high speed machines and Jig grinders.

  • One advantage is the VRT High Speed Spindle can be moved to other machines in your shop giving you the same increase in productivity to your whole shop.
  • The VRT spindle can also be used as a manual plugin tool or with our coupler can be used as any other tool in your tool changer for unattended operation.

No matter the size of your shop the advantages of having the Bryan VRT High Speed Spindle are many. If you are thinking about purchasing a new spindle you should start using your machines to their full Potential! Contact Bryan Machine today and add the VRT High Speed Spindle to your inventory of available tools!