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Parts From Rubber Molds

For 24 years, we’ve produced hundreds of rubber and plastic molds; from 1 to over 200 cavities, compression, transfer, injection, hot runner and cold, bobbin’s, seals, gaskets, diagram’s, ball-joint covers, & bellows to name a few. In the stamping industry progressive draw dies, we have developed a strong knowledge of drawing steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cam forming, and hole piercing.

Lathe Parts

Short & full run production of small to medium lathe parts, tooling components, mold cavity inserts, rollers, idlers, & guide pins. In materials from plastics to tool steels, hi-speed steels, stainless steel’s and hard turning.

Parts from Plastic Molds

EDM Work

Swiss Lathe Parts


Bryan Machine uses state-of-the-art CNC equipment, reducing operator error & speeding the production and consistency.