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Reasons to Upgrade Your Spindle to a VRT High Speed Spindle

We all know that the manufacturing process could not be the same without CNC milling machines as they cut with great precision and are dependably accurate within multiple applications in many production settings. And once a CNC Machine is programmed it requires very little supervision. However, when parts require Multi-tasking, turning, milling, drilling, taping, boring and finishing, you may find yourself changing machines throughout the process and this takes extra time. If you could save time by getting the whole process done on one machine it could pay off. That is why you should take a serious look at the VRT High Speed Spindle engineered by Bryan Machine.

How much time could you save if you did not have to change tools or machines while in production of a part? Although machine tool multi-tasking typically refers to processes that normally would require multiple machines such as turning, milling, drilling, taping, boring and finishing there is a spindle that was engineered by Bryan Machine that can handle your job all on one machine. Bryan Machine’s VRT High Speed Spindle can be used on virtually any CNC machine with a holding shank or vice. CAT, BT, straight shank; you can even mount multiple spindles on one base. And anyone machining with small tools can benefit with higher spindle speed, i.e. Industrial/Automotive, medical, aerospace, aircraft, military defense, textile, manufacturing, steel mills, and agricultural.

The VRT High Speed Spindle stands out above the rest because it is capable of machining any material that can be drilled, milled, or ground. And, you don’t have to buy a Turbine Spindle for each speed that you need to run. This High Speed Air Spindle has a variable speed from 15,000 to 40,000 rpm. When interfaced with your control, these spindles can be used like any other tool in your tool changer, completely unattended. This Spindle Speeder can be used on your CNC machines for engraving, jig grinding, profile grinding, & graphite machining.

If you are tired of expensive high-speed machines that don’t have the torque for low-speed work, then you may consider upgrading and purchase one of Bryan Machines VRT High Speed spindles.

For more information or to purchase a VRT High Speed Spindle please contact:
Steve Bryan – President
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