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Precision Tooling Molds, Rubber, & Plastic

Bryan Machine is a full service, precision mold maker and molder which allow the manufacturing of molded plastic components for medical, automotive, electronics and consumer device industries. The organization has a firm belief in quality through service and a commitment to investments in the latest technology to achieve success.

Since 1989, Bryan Machine has produced hundreds of rubber and plastic molds from one to hundreds of cavity compression, transfer, injection, hot runner and cold, bobbins, seals, gaskets, diagrams, ball-joint covers, & bellows to name a few. This business unit aims to provide professional, highly efficient injection molding at lower tooling cost with all the benefits of quick to market manufacturing.

Their expertise emphasizes product design and rapid prototyping to develop economic processes to manufacture the most optimal molds for the Healthcare & Medical products, Energy, Oil & Gas, Solar Energy Sectors, Automotive, Digital Communications, Aerospace, and, Consumer Markets. With their experience in manufacturing various mold types such as prototype aluminum molds, multi-cavity, stack molds, rapid tooling, insert molds. Bryan Machine offers precision tooling for every type of electronic plastic part, serving medical, packaging, electronics, telecoms and precision automotive parts and other fields. To address their customers injection molding requirements, they have assembled a dynamic team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience specializing in engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance. This team of experts is committed to delivering the highest quality products and superior personal attention to every customer. No matter what your needs may be; they are uniquely positioned to provide cost-effective products, superior quality and proven results.